Environmental Policy

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Environmental Policy

As a specialized manufacturer of automobile seats, EWON Comfortech Co., Ltd. will be a leading company for environment preservation and prevention of risk factors by implementing the environmental safety and health management system from product production to service.

  • Establish and maintain environmental safety and health management system based on ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 international standards, and continuously promote environmental improvement and risk improvement.
  • Comply with and manage environmental safety, health and related regulations and requirements.
  • Prevent environmental pollution and risk factors through accumulated experience and innovative technology development.
  • We consider environmental safety and health first as a key element of management activities such as development, design, production, service and disposal of products, establish concrete targets and regularly reviewsand evaluate them.
  • We will actively participate in environmental safety and health improvement activities through practical and continuous education and training for all employees and partner companies.

Environmental goals

Establishing environment-friendly corporate culture
Reduce energy usage
Zero environmental accidents