R&D Information

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R&D History

Established DongTan R&D Center
KMC PREMIUM BUS seat development
HMC MIGHT/SOLATI seat development
HEAVY EQUIPMENT seat development
Railroad development
HMC Xcient seat development
Heating and cooling seat / Power seat / BIS seat
Ventilating seat development
HMC Trago/Universe seat development
Multi function air suspension seat development
Air lumbar support development
Korea Industrial Technology Association Corporate affiliation Institute of Technology
Established R & D Center
Spring suspension seat development
Technical cooperation with NAMBA PRESS Company, Japan
Air suspension seat development

Product Development System

  • Design conceptGood design means good product. Product design that takes safety, comfort and operability into consideration is the basis of product development.
  • 3D Modeling3D product design with Catia ensures accurate data.
  • Structural analysisWe analyze the stress, strain and dynamic characteristics of the mechanical structure and apply the result to the design structure to verify safety at the design stage.
  • Design verification(DV/PV)We check the reliability of the product by testing the developed product using the professional test equipment and concentrate on the development of the customer satisfaction product.
  • Start drawing
  • Start sample production
  • Mass Production Drawing / Development

Ongoing assignment

  • Development of
    high sensitivity
    premium car seat
  • Ergonomically designed construction
    machine or shock damping and
    fatigue reduction Semi-Active
    Air Suspension Seat Development
  • Lightweight cushion
    Extension Seat

Test Equipment List

  • Dynamic Servo Tester - Frame repeat endurance test
    - Back durability test
    - Head Rest Static Strength Test
    - Passenger load test
    - Arm Rest Strength Test

  • Slide Track & Recliner Tester - Slide Track operation endurance test
    - Recliner operation endurance test
    - Arm Rest Operating Durability Test

  • 3D Manikin - Seat static characteristics test

  • Vibration Tester -Cushion vibration durability test
    - Suspension durability test
    - Suspension vibration characteristics test

  • Ingress&Egress Tester - Covering lifting endurance test

  • Seat Belt Tester - Seat Belt Anchorage Test
    - Front & rear inertia load strength test
    - Front end stopper strength test
    - Front end stopper strength test

  • Temperature&Humidity Chamber - Heat Cycle Test
    - Heat aging test
    - Thermal shock test
    - Smell test of interior material

  • Valve Endurance Tester - Valve endurance test

  • Suspension Repeated Fatigue Tester - Suspension repeated fatigue endurance test

  • Power Seat Endurance Tester - Power seat endurance test

  • Seat Hardness Tester - Pad static load test
    - Seat static test

  • Universal Testing Machine - Tensile Strength Test
    - Compression test Compression test
    - Bending Test Bending Test

  • Flammability tester- Interior flame retardancy test

  • Repetitive Compression Tester - Pad Repetitive compression test