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  • Design of Suspension Mechanism- AIR and SPRING suspension function design
  • Seat system design- Development of leading seat, ergonomic seat

Precedent research

  • Construction Machinery Seat
  • Railway Seat
  • Premium Seat


When a structure such as a machine or a machine that combines mechanical elements receives an external force, numerical calculation is performed on the stiffness, stress distribution, and deformation amount of the structure, and the approximate value is obtained. Structural analysis is roughly classified into linear analysis in the elastic region and nonlinear analysis in the plastic region.

As a numerical calculation method, a finite element method (FEM) is often used. In recent years, there has been commercialized a general-purpose structural analysis software capable of easily performing structural analysis by a personal computer due to improvement of computer performance. Most of these software can use shape data created with 3D CAD

Strength Interpretation

1) Example: Analysis of seat belt anchor strength.
2) Purpose: Analysis to confirm the strength and rigidity of seat belt assembly assembly (SEAT BELT ASSEMBLY ANCHORAGE) installed to reduce the damage to the wearer by restricting the movement of the passenger in case of sudden deceleration of vehicle collision.

Collision Analysis

1) Example: CARGO SECURING Strength Analysis
2) Purpose: Analysis to check the seat strength against LUGGAGE shock to prevent LUGGAGE (cargo) from entering the passenger space and causing injury to the passenger in frontal collision in FIELD

Testing (design verification)

Confirm product reliability by testing developed products using professional test equipment

Main test equipment quantity remarks
Dynamic Servo Endurance Tester 1 omplex Endurance / Strength Test
Seat belt anchor strength tester 1  
Track & Recliner durability tester 1  
Vibration durability tester 2  
Covering Lifting Tester 1  
Power Seat Tester 1  
Thermo-hygrostat 2  
Universal Testing Machine 1  
Flammability Tester 1  
Salt spray testing machine 1  
A constant temperature bath 1  
Abrasion resistance 1  
Repetitive Compression Tester 1  
Other MS and single component testers -  


Designed and proven prototypes Provides seat assembly line operation for assembly

Starting room equipment status

  • Milling Unit 2
  • General Purpose Lathe
  • Cutting Machine
  • Drilling Machine
  • CO₂Welding Room