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Based on the slogan 'Only new technology makes a better life'EWON Comfortech Co., Ltd. creates multifunctional air and spring suspension sheet that provides the best convenience feeling based on ergonomic design!!

  • EWON Comfortech Co., Ltd was started in Ulsan, Korea, a mecca of Korean automobile industry, from Hyundai Industrial Co., Ltd., which has 35 years history of manufacturing automotive sheet. In 1994, with the new factory of Hyundai Motor Co., Jeonju factory, we separated the commercial vehicle seat business of Hyundai Industrial Co., Ltd. and newly established EWON Industrial Co., Ltd. in Nonsan, Chungnam. In the following year(08. 1994), started with the first supply.
  • In 1996, Air Suspension Seat for truck and bus driver's seat was developed for the first time in Korea and applied in mass production. In 1997, we made a technical alliance with Namba Press Works Co., Ltd., Japan. We succeeded in localization of Spring Suspension Seat in the following year. In 2001, we established our own R & D Center by continuing R & D investment activities such as training overseas dispatch of excellent manpower and introduction of advanced testing equipments. We are continuing our technology-oriented growth by introducing overseas benchmarking and new technology.
  • We will do our best to become a professional manufacturer of commercial vehicle seat of the 21st century, based on solid technological power and organization such as the transition from QS 9000 to TS16949, ERP system construction, and R & D investment.

Company Philosophy

Creation of new technology

Air Suspension SeatA company that makes new changes in the worldAir suspension seat providing an excellent ride in harmony width a driver’s weight and absorbing rolling and impact from a rough road.

Customer Inspiration

We will create EWON Comfortech Co., Ltd which will be the best value for our customers by having the best competitiveness and having the creative and challenging spirit.

Quality Management

The unique one box quality management system of EWON Comfortech Co., Ltd. can have a sense of responsibility and pride in each employee's own products.

Co-existence and co-prosperity

We promise to create a new life for you and I, one of the foundations of co-existence and co-prosperity that is the foundation of EWON Comfortech Co., Ltd.


We place great importance on a "relationship" rather than a simple transaction, and we will remain a close partner of yours.

Company Status

Sales Status

Customers Hyundai Motors Kia Motors Hyundai Mobis, etc. Sum
2020 23,995 2,083 5,839 31,917
2019 32,467 3,977 9,816 46,261
2018 30,616 3,632 10,220 44,468
2017 25,880 3,909 6,775 36,564
2016 21,176 1,129 8,575 30,880
2015 25,600 1,100 8,700 35,400